Client Testimonials

“Jean, you have the most extraordinary gift of talking effectively with young people – it is inspiring to listen to you engage them…”
- Parent of 6 year old, Testing client

“Thank you so much for helping me find my ‘perfect school’.”
- 13 year old student, Referral client

“I wanted to write to tell you that Jane is finishing a very successful Junior year. Your advice during the very trying times last summer was very wise…You were spot on with your guidance.”
- Parent of 17 year old, Referral client

“Thank you so much for your help and support during my applications to different schools throughout the year. Thank you so much for telling me about ____ because ___ has changed my life which will continue to shape my future.”
- 15 year old student, Referral client

“Thank you for recommending our son for admission to _____ kindergarten. We are thrilled with the school and teachers and more importantly Max is happy there! It is a perfect match.”
- Parent of 4 year old, Referral client

“I just wanted to tell you how incredibly grateful to you I am for the warmth and security my nephew was able to experience during his testing. Michael came home from his test full of energy and chatted nonstop…That is a stark difference from his testing experience in _____ when he came home quiet and scared. I am so appreciative and will refer all friends and family to you. Thank you for being a positive experience in a little child’s life.”
- Parent of 4 year old, Testing client

“We are so grateful for all the help you provided at every step of the way in Jayla’s school search. We’re thrilled that she’ll be attending the school that seems so perfect for all of us. We know it wouldn’t have happened without your insightful analysis and strong support. We will reap the benefits of your help for many years to come!”
- Parents of 10 year old, Referral clients

“Thank you for the caring you showed my son during his testing. Your evaluation – specifically the behavioral observations – was ‘right on’.”
- Parent of 8 year old, Testing client

“I just wanted to thank you for the professionalism with which you handled the testing of my son last Friday. You created a warm, comfortable environment in your home and you were positive and encouraging toward him. In short, you provided a setting that made it easier for a child to relax and focus on the tasks at hand.”
- Parent of 4 year old, Testing client

“My husband and I are positively joyous over the outcome of the admissions process. We truly feel that your thorough testing and evaluation of Matt made this a smooth and relatively easy adventure. Your professionalism and graciousness with nervous first-timers was so appreciated.”
- Parent of 4 year old, Testing client

“Bruce and I are most appreciative of the time you shared with us last week. It was very helpful to talk out loud and get feedback on a number of small yet important concerns regarding our daughters and their school progress. Your calm and insight are great gifts.”
- Parent of 14 year old, Consultation client

“We so appreciate your thoughtfulness about Mike. The profile you wrote is so exact and right, it’s wonderful to know he was so well observed.”
- Parents of 9 year old, Testing client

“I think of you as a Harry Potter sorting hat.”
- 6th grade student, Referral client

“Many thanks for your kind words and attention you gave Will. I often feel that with him there is more than initially meets the eye, but he can be very stingy about sharing it. You certainly had the magic touch! I truly appreciate your effort and skill in drawing him out. He asked yesterday if he could go see you again next year! Thank you also for making a daunting experience a very pleasant one for all of us.”
- Parent of 5 year old, Referral client

“You know what you are doing, are always honest in your assessment of the students applying to [school], and you have my highest recommendation.”
- Head of lower school at a Washington, DC area independent school

“Frank and I wanted to thank you for such personal investment in our search for the ‘right’ school for James. You have exceeded our expectations for help.”
- Parent of 15 year old, Advisory client

“Suzanne and I wanted to sit back and take the time to thank you so very much for your advice, support and shepherding throughout the high school search and application process for Jamie….At the beginning, the process looked daunting and the choices very murky. The time you took upfront to understand Jamie and us so thoroughly, your broad knowledge of all the possible schools and your experience with the entire process all combined for the best possible outcome for us. We could not have done it without you!”
- Parents of 14 year old, Referral client

“You were a wonderful advocate for Mason, and your advice to us was invaluable.”
- Parent of 14 year old, Referral client

“Thank you, thank you for being so genuine and so caring. You really helped us focus.”
- Parents of 4 year old, Advisory clients

“You have really helped me make a decision that will bring many opportunities and will have a huge positive effect on me. Thank you for all of the support, thoughts, encouragement and especially finding [boarding school] – the match for me!”
- 15 year old student, Referral client

“We can hardly begin to thank you for your support of Katie and we all feel like you are the ace up our sleeve! Bruce and I were sure that [Boarding School] was a wonderful fit for her and are so pleased that she is happy there now…Thanks for your calm and steady (and ready) hand.”
- Parents of 16 year old, Referral client

“Thank you so much for helping me to decide to stay at [boarding school]. It was very helpful to meet with you because it really helped me understand how happy and lucky I am to be at such a great school and a school that fits me so well.”
- 16 year old student, Referral client

“I don’t think I ever told you how helpful Jim and I found the educational consulting session we had with you regarding Susie’s school placement…You really seemed to understand her and were able to identify what type of school setting would be best for her. As we go on school tours, we often find ourselves coming back to comments you made, and measuring the schools against your criteria. So thank you so much for your insights.”
- Parents of 4 year old, Advisory client

“This process has been very hard on us as parents. We’re trying to absorb the results of tests we’ve never heard of, and worrying about whether these schools will see the little girl that we know and love through all of the paperwork. You’ve obviously done a wonderful job with the report, and I wanted you to know how much we appreciate how hard you have worked to capture Audrey with all of her strengths and weaknesses. You have been a patient counselor and support to us all.”
- Parents of 12 year old, Referral clients

“Phil and I wanted you to know how much we appreciated all the help you gave us last year in helping Jake navigate the school admissions and selection process. Not only were we pleased with the outcome, but you also took much of the stress out of the process. And most importantly, you helped Jake take responsibility for the school choice. It was wonderful having you in his (and our) corner. Thank you for caring so much and for sharing your insights so generously.”
- Parents of 14 year old, Referral client

“I thought you might like to know that Edward is in [Europe] on a Fulbright Scholarship. He graduated from [college] this spring and after [Europe] plans on law school. We remember your help – and the fact that you saw something special in that shy young man (no longer shy!).”
- Parent of college student, former Advisory client