The Baldwin Philosophy of Educational Consulting

Jean Baldwin’s priority as an educational consultant is to identify the most appropriate schools or programs for each child she works with. This can only be accomplished by taking the time and effort to get to know both the child and the parents. It is important to consider and understand the sequential progress of a student’s previous education, so, when conducting an advisory or referral, past report cards and previous test records are read carefully before the appointment. It is also crucial that parents are given adequate time to describe in detail their viewpoint and observations of their child’s personality and educational experience, as well as ask as many questions as they may have. For this reason, the two appointments comprising an Advisory service are not limited in length, and often can be quite extensive. Each child is unique and there is much more to know about them than test scores and grades, and this takes time and input from parents.

It is also a high priority for Jean to maintain an honest, trusting relationships with all schools and programs. Her goal is to facilitate the admission process for families and schools, to provide the schools with accurate, helpful, in depth information, and to make only appropriate referrals. Jean strives to maintain a high level of professional integrity in every relationship and has worked diligently over many years to earn this reputation.

Jean is a long-standing member of IECA. As such, she agrees to the organization’s ethical standards, which are reviewed and signed every year. As stated by IECA, these standards “govern the actions of consultants in their relationships with students and families, schools and colleges, and with colleagues.” Jean takes these guidelines seriously and abides by them in all that she does.

(To learn more about the IECA’s standards, click here.)